Sunday, 23 June 2013

UAL: LCC Graphic Design Graduate Show '13

Been a bit quiet this month but making up for it, I promise this post is gonna be a great one...
Last week Thursday I headed down to the private view of my uni's exhibition, showcasing the design fruit of this years design graduates, including a few of my friends and peers. It was quite a packed night so it eventually become difficult for my friend and I to take all the photographs we wanted but here are a few of the pieces that caught my eye...(tried my best to credit)

Illustration Pathway -----------

Simon Phan and his 'Flower Girls', these illustrations and wall mural carry a cheeky 60's vibe!

(Google Zeitgeist 2012) Illustrations by Susan Yan Mach

Hiphop inspired series by Jasmine Sehra

Illustration by Claudine O'Sullivan

Again by Susan Yan Mach (Children Careers 2012)

Interaction & Moving Image Pathway -----------

A pun and reversal on exhibition signs; every avid museum and exhibition goer know these signs all too well.

Definitely one of my favourite pieces of the show; that awkward moment and anticipation that takes place just before popping a balloon. An installation exploring the suspense of sound by Jeff Chun-Hee Luu.

Advertising Pathway---------

Live branding project for BumbleBee BKRY by Shuhena Begum

More from Interaction & Moving Image Pathway---------

This interactive swing brings back the nostalgia of childhood, with film clips typically associated with childhood memories projected on the wall in front.

Another one of my favourites; the mastermind behind this hanging installation, that is Romain Meunier, uses the interaction and touch between humans as a conductor to make the connected guitars play, and depending on how soft or hard you pressed against the other person, controlled how forte the guitars played. Now that's what you call true music conducting; haha see what I did there.

This was a fun installation memory game which certainly captured Google's brand. The letters light up in a particular pattern which you have to remember and correctly press each letter in the right order. Who else can see this in Google's HQ?

Typo/graphic Design Pathway---------

Social commentary on consumerism being the new religion, married together with religious architecture. A closer look reveals images of models, media, fashion brands and basically everything materialistic in western culture. By James Sanderson

What caught your eye?

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  1. Hey Shaz!!!
    Thanks for taking photos of my work! Saw you briefly during the exhibition but never got to speak to you >__< Hope all is well!