Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Fruit Salad: Roundup

Fruit Salad: A mixture of different types of chopped fruit

Here's my first roundup & mix of links, websites and articles that I've come across and have found to be either insightful, resourceful or just plain great and fun:

+ All designers & freelancers out there, when should you work for free? A fun flow chart by Jessica Hische.

+ A visual search engine letting you search across multiple design inspiration websites!

+ Is it just a trend or is design moving forward, a look at flat design: 1  2

+ Ben Barrett-Forrest's creative stop motion on the history of Type.

+ Nerd up your type game with letterer/illustrator J. Hische as she shares her type knowledge.

A previous Design Fruit post:
+ A few words of encouragement: stopping fear of failure from disrupting your creativity. >>>>

What interesting links have you come cross recently? Please share below!

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