I'm Sharon (aka Shazberri), in my early twenties and reside in London, England. I'm a Creative Designer with core interests in the Fashion Design & Graphics/Illustration field. I currently study Graphic & Media design at University of the Arts London. Aside from design, you can also find me working on side projects and bonding with my piano!


Design Fruit is simply a space to inspire and be inspired. A way for me to collate my thoughts on the ever evolving world of visual culture. 

I originally started this blog back in 2008 with a different name but three years later renamed it to 'Design Fruit'. This rename was taken from my concept that this space displays the hard work and labor, which is the fruit of the design & creative industry. In addition to that, I also love fruit, fruit juice and smoothies; haha! Happy reading/viewing! 

If you have a question, would like to have a chat, or are also a creative and would like to feature your work, contact me here!