Friday, 17 May 2013

+ Hello and welcome to any new readers, don't forget to say hi :) Also keep up to date and follow Design Fruit with Bloglovin!

+ In April I decided to change the name of the blog from 'Shazberri' to 'Design Fruit'. I felt it was necessary for a name change due to the direction I hope to continue taking the blog in. The concept behind the new name is that this space displays the hard work of the design & creative industry which is consequently 'fruit'. Also throwing in that I just love fruit in all its, somewhat natural forms; fresh juice and smoothies, anyone?! 

+ For the past couple of weeks I have been playing around with the look and feel of the blog, creating a simple yet bold visual style. I added more navigational options and have been tidying up some areas. It's not quite all there yet, so I'm still fiddling around with and tweaking things until I get tired! I hope you find this revamp easier on the eyes and to navigate around.

+ I am brainstorming and working on a number of themed post series which will be added to the 'features' sidebar navigation, so keep a look out. The newest one is the weekly Sketchbook Series.

That's all folks!

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