Friday, 9 November 2012

Oh Mr Lewis

Oooh Mr Lewis, or should I say the creative minds behind most John Lewis Adverts, sure do know how to tug at people's emotions. The ad below sets out to convey the message that although time may change and frivolous trends may change but the age old experience of love is a timeless and universal experience that every generation can relate to and its importance never changes. I posted previously about the creative use of split screen which is also used here; cleverly conveying three love stories and the brands message.

Christmas is quickly approaching so Mr Lewis just recently pumped out this new heartfelt Christmas ad (below). I was waiting and waiting, trying to figure out what the final reveal would be, and though only a small gesture, the small gesture speaks volumes, making the anticipation worth it. See for yourselves....I was all like 'n'awwwwww'...

...and I promise I'm not a romantic!

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