Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Some inspiration please?

Sorry for the lack of posts and updates, university has kind of taken over, but not for long mwahahaha; Christmas holidays are almost here....yippee! At the moment I can totally relate to Natasha Bedingfield's lyrics "I need some help, some inspiration, but it's not coming easily". I've been struggling to find inspiration, the kind that triggers me off on a "design tangent"; but I think I'm slowly starting to find some inspiration. These visually striking illustrations were designed by a London based illustrator called nikki farquharson ...check out her website, she has other neat stuff on there.


Will be posting other findings I stumble upon, and seriously if you guys out there find some interesting stuff let me know too please! Lets inspire each other =) 23 days till Christma...yippeee!

EDIT: haha I just realised that the illustrator (Nikki) went to the same uni as me, but graduated in 08!

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