Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Robotic Dresses and Sunshine!

 Easter holiday is over, it ended too quick but it was good while it lasted. So far UK weather (this year) has been awful, but this week has been amazing, sun shining , clear sky, not too hot; now that's what I'm talking about. Today after college I went to the Design Museum to view fashion designer Hussein Chalayan’s exhibition. In case you are not familiar with his designs - he is renowned for his innovative use of materials, and implementing new technology into his designs. Think robotic/transformer dresses (HA!). Personally I think his technologic clothing is amazing. Take a look at it in action yourself (video below).

I also took a nice walk down London Bridge, in which I saw former model making a new 's advert; was really random!

Hello and welcome to my new readers!


  1. Ohhhh u saw Twiggy; i just adore her.

    & damn the clothes are CRAZY omg..that show is the most different to any runway ive seen madness.

  2. holy crap that it SO COOL! fashion + transformers = LOVE IT