Monday, 4 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee

Credit: Taken by Ham at londondailyphoto

It is the Diamond Jubilee weekend and parties and celebrations are in full swing here all over in London and the UK. The Union Jack, in its red, white and blue glory has saturated every major and minor brand, store front and high street. It's a souvenir and merchandise galore on steroids. I think its now safe to say that we have seen the Union Jack fit every possible form, shape and size known to man; haha.

So I was down in Oxford Street on Saturday and keeping to the theme and occasion, I came across this awesome wall mural outside Selfridges side entrance by Graffiti Artist Paul Don Smith.

paul don smith jubliee

With all eyes on the UK this year as the Olympics also draw near, no doubt we will see (and have already been seeing) fashion, music, art and design being heavily influenced and inspired by the UK and its culture.

And on that note, hope everyone is enjoying their Jubilee weekend / holiday! :)

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