Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Feb Updates // London Fashion Week 09

A friend and I went to London Fashion Week, several weeks ago. We saw the Romeo Pires Autumn/Winter 2009 collection. The duo's show was very different; different in a good way. Their concept was captivating as the outfits in the collection played with the notion of how we wear our clothes; they were reversed. Each model carefully walked down the catwalk with their boots that had the heel and toe reversed and most of their hair covering their face (video below). You can imagine the spectators, including myself, at the edge of our seats anticipating the fall of a model, in which a handful almost did but gained their balance.

Lastly I have been preparing for university interviews that are coming up. Ahhh, I'm excited but nervous at the same time. My first choice is LCC which is part of University of the Arts London.

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