Saturday, 27 February 2010

Apple Goodness and Wonderland

Apples seem to be everywhere lately; as much as I love apples, I'm not really into pies, especially the ones with shortcrust pastry, but I have now taken a liking to McDonald's apple pies, and have been craving them. The other day I randomly decided to make an apple crumble; never knew how easy they were to make! 

Moving on from apples and sweet tooth desserts, down through the rabbit hole...Yesterday I went to my first premiere which was for Tim Burton's version of Alice in Wonderland, in Central London's Leicester Square. It was a horrible and rainy day but I managed to see the awesome Johnny Depp and saw a glimpse of Prince Charles and Duchess Camila Parker Bowles. I am also loving Burton's rendition of the main characters; very exaggerated. 

I can't wait till this baby hits the cinema on March the 5th, not long till I experience the wonders and mysteries of Wonderland in 3D! :)

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