Friday, 14 November 2008

And the blogging begins...

Firstly Welcome to...

....And the blogging begins! Went college today; only had Fashion class but have a load of coursework to get through before our first assessment, which is in less than 3 weeks, eeeek - so glad its Friday!'ve all heard of Katy Perry right? You know the chick who sung that controversial song...well if you haven't already noticed, her outfits and costumes are so awesome!!!

From a fashion and general design student perspective, I find her outfits very intriguing & inspiring. Most of her inspiration comes from the fashion era of the 40's, 50's pinup & she also works with great stylist, Johnny Wujek. I managed to find the person who makes some of Katy's outfits and signature frolic Rompers you normally find her sporting; check out the designers website .

This costume designed by Manish Arora was recently worn by Katy Perry when she was hosting the 2008 EMAs. Another thing I like about Katy Perry's tantalising and unique wardrobe is that it's playful and bright; out of most peoples comfort zones. They have inspired me in some design ideas.

Until next time, I'm out!


  1. I adore Katy Perry, her music is fun but her clothes are just daaaaaaamn, I want to meet her and rip them off her, I loved her EMA outfits, there was a poll done over here in the U.K. and she was voted the best thing to happen at the EMA's!

  2. Cool clothes, cool music. I envy her.